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new article, auf Deutsch

A new article on dinosaurs I noticed on the "new books" shelf of the USGS

Wellnhofer, P. 1994.  Ein Dinosaurier (Hadrosauridae) aus der Oberkreide
(Maastricht, Helvetikum-Zone) des bayerischen Alpenvorlandes.  Mitteilungen
der bayerische Staatssammlung fur Palaontologie und historiche Geologie 34:

This paper reports the first Cretaceous dinosaur fossils from Bavaria.
These fossils are the femur, metatarsal, pedal phalanges, and fragments of
caudal vertebrae and of a scapula, of an indeterminate hadrosaurid.  The
stratigraphy of the discovery is consistent with that observed elsewhere in
the Upper Cretaceous rocks of Europe - titanosaurians dominate faunas up
through the Early Maastrichtian, but hadrosaurids became dominant in the
Late Maastrichtian.  The fossils indicate a very small (~2 m long)
individual, which they interpret as an island dwarfed form.

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