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Education - I'm doing my part.

     In regards to getting "correct" dino information to the public, I 
     think I am doing my part.  I volunteer at the Academy of Natural 
     Sciences in Philadelphia as a dinosaur docent.  I am not a 
     professional paleontologist (I'm a biologist) but realize that I 
     can contribute to the dino knowledge of the public.  It is a great 
     learning opportunity for me.  I learn many things from the 
     children who visit.  They frequently ask questions that I must go 
     look up in a book with them.  We both benefit!
     Also, I recently attended a "presentation skills" seminar at 
     American Cyanamid where I gave a short presentation on "What is a 
     Dinosaur?"  I was intimidated at first when I realized there were 
     more Phd's in the room than not.  I thought they might think my 
     talk was too basic for them.  I was pleasantly surprised that they 
     enjoyed the presentation and especially the Albertosaurus tooth 
     and a few other teeth I had brought with me to show them "real" 
     After this presentation, the seminar leader asked if I would 
     consider being on the Amer. Cyan. "Speaker's Bureau".  This group 
     goes out to local schools and teaches children about a variety of 
     topics.  I can do dinosaurs and also insects.  If anyone is 
     interested in the Princeton area ... let me know.
     Everyone should volunteer some of their time.  I consider myself 
     an "arm-chair paleontologist" but (no offense to anyone :-)) mine 
     is not a Lazy-Boy.  I am already considering additional volunteer 
     work with the American Red Cross despite the fact I work a 
     full-time job and have two night classes per week!  And yes, I do 
     have a life!
     Jim Cristea,   American Cyanamid Company,   Princeton, NJ         
     These opinions are not American Cyanamid's 
     ... They may not even be my own...