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hyperspace museums

I remember being a kid growing up in rural ontario.  we lived a long way
away from toronto which was the nearest decent museum.  if we were lucky
(and pta had raised enough $) we took a yearly visit to the ROM or
some other place (pioneer villages i recall were more frequent that the
rom).  other than that i never got to see any museum displays until 

cyberspace museums would provide a wonderful resource for kids who live
in nowheresville like i did.  often rural schools have no $ for trips,
nor do rural parents often.  at least with this idea (assuming at least
one facility in town for access, or a cable-tv access like in france)
the people who live far from big cities could still experience the 
awe while they are still young enough not to be too jaded to appreciate it.

Bonnie Blackwell,                               bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu
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