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women scientists in the media (fwd from coswa-l)

i thought this might be pertinent given our recent discussions.  it first
appeared on coswa-l.


About the PBS series "Discovering Women": I took part
in the filming of one of Pat Watson's cave expeditions (and some work back at
my lab as well) because of my
involvement in a recent phase of her Salts and Mammoth Cave research.  I was
impressed with the producers and crew on this project, and I have high hopes
for the segment and the series.  The segment on Pat Watson is supposed to air
on April 5 at 10 P.M. and is entitled "Secrets Underground."  Others air
immediately before this (9 pm, same night) and on
March 29 and April 12 at the same times (of course local schedules will vary).  
I hope this series will be an
eye-opener and consciousness-raiser for those who still expect scientists to be

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