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Information about dinosaur society catalog

As head of the product review committee, and a member of the book review
committee, of the Dinosaur Society, I thought I should comment about the
society's approval procedures.  Publishers of dinosaur-related books,
and manufacturers of dinosaur games, toys, posters, and other miscellaneous
(and often rather strange) products, are invited to submit their wares to the
appropriate committee for review.  If the committee feels that the product
or question meets sufficiently high standards of scientific accuracy (and
in some cases, tastefulness--there are some TRULY ODD dinosaur-related
products out there, folks), the publisher or manufacturer is permitted to
display the Dinosaur Society's seal on the product.  Although the society
has been associated or involved in the preparation of such products, and
my recollection is that there are plans to do more of this kind of thing in
the future, the product doesn't have to be made by the society in
order to get its approval.
     The society has already published a list of approved books, and is now
putting together a bigger catalog of books and toys.  These are products that 
have been vetted by the appropriate committee, and which the society is selling
in a clearing house manner.  However, there is nothing to prevent someone
from purchasing a book or product on the list directly from the original
     I hope this catalog will be out soon (it's so big that figuring out how
to pay for its publication has been a problem).  My product review committee
spent literally hours of work looking at toys, models, games, tapes, etc.,
and those of us on the book review committee put in similar amounts of time
reading dinosaur books for children and adults.
   For a while there it was like Christmas; every week I was getting several
packages full of stuff I had to play with over the weekend!  At least my
kids and I had a good time.  So keep your eyes open for this catalog.  Our
committees tried very hard to put some quality control into the procedure,
and I hope that the catalog will be a useful resource for parents, teachers,
and dinosaur fans in general.
     And DinoSoc HQ tells me that very shortly they will be sending out new
products for the committee to review, for a future edition of the catalog.
So maybe that's my little bit for public education.