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Re: armchairs, & other topics

On Fri, 3 Mar 1995, Kenneth Carpenter wrote:

>   Don't forget that the Dinosaur Society was created in part to act as a 
> clearing house for scientifically correct information on dinosaurs.  Don 
> Lessem accompained Horner to the JP set a few times.  The DS has its 
> "seal of approval" that it puts onto items (toys, books, movies, etc.) 
> that meet its standard of correctness. Except for items made by the DS 
> (books, mostly) few items have the DS seal. Part of the problem I 
> suspect is that the DS hasn't marketed itself very well.

Is there a danger that the DS gets too picky and rejects everything that 
doesn't quite agree with it?  If the DS sells things itself, its reviewers
might be reluctant to endorse a competitor's products.  I hope it has a 
system that minimises this problem.  I'm not accusing it of being unfair, 
but if it goes on approving its own products I'm sure someone will.

                                                                Bill Adlam