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Re: "Raymond" the triceratops & ICZN

 From: Crpntr@ix.netcom.com (Kenneth Carpenter)
 > Stan Friesen wrote:
 > >Now, this problem can be ameliorated somewhat by making plaster casts
 > >of the specimen.  But a cast is never quite he same as the original,
 > >since it preserves only the shape, not the color and minerology.
 > True, but a systematic description is about the shapes of the bone, not 
 > the color or texture.

Oh, I agree, but I also know that color and texture can be import
*taphonomic* data, and that taphonomic data can help in the analysis
of morphological data (how distorted is the specimen?  is this
sculpturing original or an artifact of extraction? and so on).
 > >Also, the problem would be far more significant if this were a new
 > >species, as the type specimen of a species *must* be available
 > >for comparison, or it is totally useless. [The rules even require
 > >a properly deposited type specimen now].
 >      Sorry, not true, otherwise the name Podokesaurus, Spinosaurus, 
 > Bahariasaurus, etc. would not be valid because all were destroyed by 
 > fire or war (Allied bombing destroyed a lot of  types).

That was *before* the current rule, and the Code bends over
backwards to avoid ex posto facto rules, so it is not relevent.

 >     The ICZN states in Recomendation 72D "Deposition in museums - An 
 > author who designates a holotype or lectotype should [not must - KC] 
 > deposit it in a museum or similar institution where it will be safely 
 > preserved and will be accessible for purposes of research. " 

However this is.  It is clear that I mis-remembered this clause and
incorrectly thought it was a requirement rather than a recommendation.

 >     A mandatory deposition is only required for neotypes, Art. 75d(6): 
 > "a statement that a neotype is, or immediately upon publication has 
 > become, the property of a recognized scientific or educational 
 > institution, cited by name, that maintaisn a research collection,
 > with proper facilities for preserving name-bearing types, and that makes 
 > them accessible for study."  

And then I got it confused with this provision.


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