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Dino fiction

Ralph sent the following message to the list, but it was rejected due
to a problem I have to get around to fixing one of these days...
Don't worry about it, Ralph; it wasn't your fault:

 From: Ralph Chapman <MNHAD002@SIVM.SI.EDU>

*** Resending note of 03/02/95 13:08

Mike accidentally just sent this to me, so I'm forwarding it:


 From:  Mike Brett-Surman, Smithsonian Institution
Subject: Dino fiction
A complete list of Dinosaurs in Science Fiction is in the Farlow and
Brett-Surman edited text now in press through Indiana University Press.
It will not contain poetry, "regular" literature short stories, and it
will not be annotated. A list of all the movies with dinosaurs (as major
players) will also be given. That list will not include TV or cartoons.
It has not been posted to this list pending some copyright questions yet
to be discussed. More on this later.

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