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Re: Dino Fiction

"Jeff J. Liston" <JLISTON@museum.gla.ac.uk>:
>20 years ago, called 'The Parasaurians'.  It was about an individual 
>who had an island where he was genetically recreating dinosaurs, and 
>the attempts of people to try and stop him. [The climax seemed to 
>involve shots being fired into a box where either tyrannosaur eggs/ 
>young where contained, and goo oozing out of the box. urg.]  Although 
>I am pretty sure it was published by Gollancz, I can't remember the 
>writer's name......but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Crichton..........

Robert Wells.  El Pias was the island where "Megahunt Chartered"
provided wealthy hunters the opportunity to hunt realistic robotic
replicas of dinosaurs for high fees.  The replicas were robotic,
but programmed using "bh patterns" - behaviour patterns - derived
from actual dinosaur DNA.  One scientist used the technique to try
to create a real, living dinosaur, choosing the t-rex for her ex-
periments.  The depiction of the dinosaurs is quite modern-sounding,
even today.  Dinosaurs move quickly, forcefully, and with some degree
of intelligence.  The t-rex, in particular, is described as moving in
a crouch, tail high - and its attempts to lead a normal life in a
world of robot replicas of actual prey are sometimes even amusing in
a grim fashion.  Dated in many other ways, however, and implausible
in plot in several areas - like much of Crichton - but not a bad read.
I happened to re-read it after watching JP, and it _is_ pretty obvious
that Crichton had read it as well.

Larry Smith