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Re: Dino doo-doo (was:Jurassic Park: good and bad)

>On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Derek Tearne wrote:
>> > The dung pile sure looked like it came 
>> > from something a helluva lot larger than a Tri-C; something like a 
>> > Seismosaurus.
>> Now, the size and shape of the dung piles _that_ was a mistake.

Well, I don't know.  The problem is in assuming that their fresh dung would
look like rhino dung because trikes look something like rhinos.  The closest
analogy I can think of, actually, are not mammal droppings at all.

When I was doing field work in northern Australia in 1973, I frequently came
across the droppings of cassowaries, which look quite distinctive.  When I
saw JP, my first thought on seeing the dung scene was, "Holy cow, someone on
this film has seen cassowary droppings".  The angle of repose may be wrong,
but the consistency and general appearance were (memory lapses aside on my
part) pure big bird.
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