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Re: DinoQuestion

The following post was sent directly to me; however, it addresses
some issues that I haven't [this thread is becoming tangled! :-)],
and I am therefore forwarding it to the whole group.

In <9503012110.AA41827@stu.beloit.edu> haddonj@stu.beloit.edu (Jennifer Haddon) 
>       Greetings!  Compliments of my former "Dinosaurs and Their Lost
>World" teacher. Carl Mendelson, I have been semi-following the conversation
>you have been having with your collegues on (I have no clue what channel. 
>Carl e-mails what he thinks are the interesting sections).  Being a newbie
>to the dinosaur world, I am curious about this whole T-Rex vision thing.  I
>would like to know where _Crichton_ got the thing about how the Rex couldn't
>see object unless they moved.  Is there some morphological evidence that may
>show this to be true?  Just curious.
>       I'm leaving tomorrow for my spring break, but when I get back on the
>13th, I look forward to any mailings that will have been sent my way.  I'm
>interested in how this argumant concludes.  Thatnks for your time.

>Jennifer Haddon   haddonj@stu.beloit.edu
>Beloit College
>Beloit, WI
>                       P.S, I agree with your argument.  Although I loved
>the movie of JP and liked it just as well as the book, I do think Speilburg
>left way to many holes to forgive.  I have also noticed an insane amount of
>bloopers in the film.  Oh well, such is life.

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