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Dino fiction

So I lied about keeping my mouth shut.

J.J. Liston inquires about dino related fiction. There are a number
of paleontologists with similar interest. I know Sans in Madrid is one,
as well as Mike Brett-Surman, Tom "Mr. Dino" Holtz, Jim "Steve Dallas"
Farlow and a bunch of others. I have toyed with the idea of assembling
a list of paleo=related stories, poetry and novels and perhaps it's
time to go further with it. I have a pile of 30-50 books I've set aside
without trying to look hard, I'll try to compile a list of em for
anybody interested and, hopefully, anybody willing to do same. i have
a copy of the Parasaurians, I'll dig it up.

Ralph "more brief this time" Chapman, NMNH