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         I am helping my cousin on her research paper for school. The
         following is what she is asking asking for and what her research
        paper is conformed of.

     My name is Sabrina Sue Cox and I am a senior in high school. I am
preparing a research paper
for my English class and I need some help on opinions and information. If it
is possible I would like
to talk to peoples with degrees or who are actually participating in this
form of business.
      The focus of my research will be studying palentology as a career, a
personally dinosaurs, and
to find out any new and exciting information. I want to find out how people
"break into the
business". So far the typical high school search has not been easy. There is
not a whole lot of
works written on this subject as a career. The library in the college and
career center isn't exactly
overflowing with information on this. I promised myself that if I ever make
it, I will write a book, 
tring to help others who are interested in this field. So if I do succeed, if
I do live out my dream, I
will help others, as I wish to be helped. 

     I appreciate any and all help that I may recieve on this topic. My
respects to all.


Sue Cox