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Re: T. rex vision

> Larry et al,
>       I guess I understand why some of you are worked up over the JP 
> episodes, but we are preaching to the choir! How can we get a real dialog 
> going with HEW, NSF and the teachers federation or union? Maybe we need 
> to get a few good videos into the system. How do you feel about the 
> Paleoworld series in general. They use Bakker heavily but lots of other 
> authorities too. Would it be worth trying to get some such series into 
> K-12? Or should we set up a speakers bureau ONLY for schools? 
>       I'd appreciate some ideas on solving the problem so much 
> discussed in the group!
> Ray McAllister, Prof (Emeritus) Ocean Eng., FAU, Boca Raton, FL 33064
> Diving Dinosaur, Geologist/Oceanographer/Ocean Engineer, 43 years SCUBA
> mcallist@gate.net (305) 426-0808, Author Diving Locations, Boynton/Dania

I don't know about anybody else, but I've found the Paleoworld series rather
disappointing. There are some points where errors crept in, probably in 
digesting the scientists' comment into the script, and often the narration
didn't synch with the video (i.e. talking about one creature while showing
another) leading to misconceptions. But the thing that bothered me most was the
tendency to try to present everything as if it were the crux of some 
controversy. It strikes me that this was done to inject excitement into what 
the producers must have regarded as otherwise dull. I would find it much
preferable to find a way to communicate the real excitement paleontologists
feel with or without a controversy. There are a few good video series out there.
I liked the recent series on dinosaurs done for PBS, more than the one 
produced for A&E about the same time. Perhaps the most interesting videos on
fossils and paleontology I have seen were done by David Attenborough (who does
seem to go to the trouble to try to get things right). I don't remember the 
name, but it was on PBS a few years ago.
George F. Engelmann