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Re: Various stuffq

        Speaking of big Velociraptors, there actually have been finds in 
north America of some big ones. I've heard about a thumb bone from a 
dromaeosaur about fourteen foot long. The guess was that it was a big 
Dromaeosaurus, but Paul makes note of a few scraps that include big 
Velociraptor-type teeth that occur from about the same time, so it's 
possible that North America had a big Velociraptor in the Late Cretaceous. 
        And predators do vary considerably- look at the size difference 
between a kit fox and a dire wolf, or the difference in hunting strategy 
between a Bengal tiger and a pride of lions. Within a family, genus or 
even species there can be a lot of variation. If some Velociraptor species 
did hunt in groups, other species might have been solitary.