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Re: JP & Horner

>> You called it Bonnie. If the subscribers to this broup could offer 
>> groups services to the JP sequel (and if they were accepted) it would 
>> very helpful and incidentally, fun!
>Well, someone was having fun making that movie.  And the shear 
>of the Brachiosaurs walking out of the lake and onto the land where 
>they belong was priceless.
>In fact, there are a couple of places where the attention to detail 
>was extreme.  For instancethe hadrosaurs drinking at the poolside
>looked and acted just like real animals drinking at water holes in
>Also, when the herd of Gallimimus (sp? and how on earth could he tell!) 
>were being chased by the T-rex.  How many people noticed what 
>happened just after the rex made his kill?  The herd stopped running 
>one of the individuals looked towards the rex, saw it had made a kill
>and immediately started eating again as the danger was now past.
>It's almost as though there were two producers making the film.  One 
>paying great attention to detail and another one making stupid 
>Maybe the film was running late and they just skimped on the last ten 

Jack Horner and I used to talk about once every other month about what 
was going on at the JP set during filming since he was the scientific 
advisor.  He admitted that there were mistakes and problems, but many of 
these occured because his schedule and the very tight filming schedule 
did not allow him to be there as much as was necessary.  Sometimes shots 
were called without consulting Jack because of his unavailability, other 
decissions were made for drama (keep the story line interesting) or 
financial reasons.  Only a few times were changes made after the fact 
based on Jack's comments, after all it costed a LOT of money to reshoot 
scenes.  Nevertheless, Jack gave it his blessing when it was through 
because it made dinosaurs REALLY come a live, and that I fully agree 
with.  I felt shivers when I first saw the Triceratops lying there 
breathing, it was easy to forget that it was actually foam rubber and 
steel.  Although it is easy to criticise the movie for its bad parts, 
there were a lot of nuances that made the creatures seem very real 
(change in eye dilation in T rex, runny eyes of Triceratops, etc.) and 
that is what has captured people's attention.  

I do find it most curious about human behavior that those who are most 
accepting of the movie are those who have published on dinosaurs and not 
(dare I say it?) arm chair paleontologists 8-)