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Re: nerds & earth scientists

> You called it Bonnie. If the subscribers to this broup could offer the 
> groups services to the JP sequel (and if they were accepted) it would be 
> very helpful and incidentally, fun!
>       BTW, my biggest kick was when the paleobotanist just happened to 
> have a pair of upper arm length plastic gloves along so she could plunge 
> into any Triceratops dung she saw. 

Well, that is one of the 'mistakes' that isn't.  I remember thinking
'where did she get the gloves from'.  Then I realised that a vet working 
on such animals would indeed have arm length plastic gloves.

> The dung pile sure looked like it came 
> from something a helluva lot larger than a Tri-C; something like a 
> Seismosaurus.

Now, the size and shape of the dung piles _that_ was a mistake.

Did anyone else spot the newspaper headline taped to the front of 
grants refridgerator?   The one that said "Space Aliens stole my face"...

Well, someone was having fun making that movie.  And the shear symbolism
of the Brachiosaurs walking out of the lake and onto the land where 
they belong was priceless.

In fact, there are a couple of places where the attention to detail 
was extreme.  For instancethe hadrosaurs drinking at the poolside
looked and acted just like real animals drinking at water holes in

Also, when the herd of Gallimimus (sp? and how on earth could he tell!) 
were being chased by the T-rex.  How many people noticed what 
happened just after the rex made his kill?  The herd stopped running and 
one of the individuals looked towards the rex, saw it had made a kill
and immediately started eating again as the danger was now past.

It's almost as though there were two producers making the film.  One 
paying great attention to detail and another one making stupid mistakes.

Maybe the film was running late and they just skimped on the last ten