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Harrisburg trip fossils

I went to the geology field camp Johns Hopkins University at
Baltimore, Maryland runs in the mountains several years ago, and had a
wonderful time. You will find lots of fossils in the coalbeds and
limestone. I don't remember much except that there are a lot of
graptolites and there is lots of evidence of the mountainbuilding in
the stretched oolites in the limestone- when originally formed they
were circular, but with the tectonic forces stretching the rocks, the
circles changed to ovals that very neatly match the tectonic movement.

I would suggest contacting the Geology Department at Johns Hopkins
University at Baltimore, MD for more information:

           Dept of Earth & Planetary Sciences
           Johns Hopkins University
           Baltimore, MD  21218
           (301) 338-7135  (this may be an old #)

One other note: We found many roadside exposures along the Interstate
highway, and other roads, but BE CAREFUL if you stop! When we were there
the State police were not thrilled with our stopping unless it was an
'emergency', but we got away with it, being on a university field trip. 
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