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trip to Harrisburg Penn in April

   I suprised myself, this time.  I've SORT of been following the
coal-nodules in the rocks-and-fossils list, thinking, "Oh, how nice...but
I'LL never see them", sitting here in my office in Mountain View, Cal, and
WHAMO! I find out I'm heading to Harrisburg and environs for a half-week in
mid-April to visit long-lost family (of my significant other).  I know that
we're going to spend a great deal of time cheek-pinching and saying "Oh, how
you've GROWN!!", but I also know I will be hopelessly insane unless I can get
out and look for local fossils for a part of a day, at least.
   Since I have NO idea as to when I can escape with my significant other for
part of a day, I don't think I can do one of the arrainged trips with a
fossil/rock group.  But I would very much like to know what the area has to
offer.   And where.  I've read up on it since yesterday (when I found out)
and see lots of coal mines, iron mines, and I'm assuming limestone (the last
time I was in the area my parents had to tie a bell on me as we were caving
when I was 3).
    I'm particularily interested in small stuff that can be collected without
using a hammer, but if everyone says "No way!", I'll manage to pack one with
me.  I would prefer collecting myself to buying in a rockshop.  I promise,
anything real fancy I'll donate to a Pennsylvanian educational facility.
  I do not know for sure if we'll have a car available, but I think we can
manage one, and I'm hoping for sites within, say, a 100 mile radius of
Harrisburg (it's nothing to a Californian).  The Mobil Travil Guide I
borrowed only lists one site that exhibits fossils (Danville). But knowing
how many people post about fossils from the area, I believe there are more.
   I also wanna see if I can do one day at the Smithsonian Natural History
museum 'cause I wanna see the rock collection and fossil displays, of course.
 (Robert also wants to see the Insect zoo).  Any other good fossil exhibits?
   What's the weather like in Mid-April?  Snow?  Slush?  Rain?  What?  Should
I pack for mud or muck?

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)
1485 Gilmore St               hm   1-415-969-299
Mountain View, Cal           fx    1-415-969-1150