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Sinclair Oil

Hello, all.  

Regarding Sinclair Oil and the notion of oil coming from dinosaurs, I
recently noted the following.  The May 1954 issue of The National
Geographic Magazine has a feature article concerning the excavation,
transportation and display of the dinosaur tracks from Glen Rose, Texas,
to the American Museum of Natural History.  This article notes that "the
venture was financed in part by the Sinclair Refining Company, which uses 
the dinosaur as a trademark."  

The fact that Sinclair Oil was publicly putting money into widely
publicized dinosaur displays no doubt furthered the public's association
of dinos and oil, specifically THEIR oil.  Once again, corporate
sponsorship has its consequences.  :-)

Since this is my first post, I'll state a little about myself.  The AMNH 
is going to open its newly renovated dinosaur halls June 1, 1995, and 
yours truly is one of the Dinosaur Explainers undergoing training.  I have 
a background in psychology and anatomy and physiology (from formal study 
of massage therapy) and also as a medical transcriptionist.  I do not 
have a background in paleontology, though, and I'm busy reading 
everything in sight.  This list is one of my sources of information and 
discussion; you folks have a very interesting discussion going on in 
here.  I look forward to learning much from you in the future.  Also, I 
would be pleased to answer any questions about the AMNH collection as I 
am able to, though that will need to wait a while longer until I am 
further in my training and have more access to the information. 

Lastly, I find the atmosphere of this list very pleasant, with none of 
the namecalling and/or personal attacks I've found elsewhere.  This is a 
great bunch of people!  


Robert T. Hill                  
Volunteer "Dinosaur Explainer"
American Museum of Natural History
New York, New York