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The folwg Internet lessons are free of charge. Anyone with email access can
retrieve these 27 lessons.
Terry/<colvint@cc.ims.disa.mil>/Cochise County, Arizona

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Author:  PCRISPE1@UA1VM.UA.EDU at smtp
Date:    24/3/1995 1:24 AM


   ROADMAP was a free, twenty-seven lesson Internet training workshop 
   conducted via LISTSERV in the Fall of 1994 and early Spring of 1995. 
   The response to the Roadmap workshop has been so incredible --
   over 80,000 people from 77 countries have participated in 
   the workshop's four distribution lists -- that I have had
   to close the workshop's subscription lists to new subscribers.

   Wait ... it gets worse. At this point in time, I really don't 
   have plans to repeat the Roadmap workshop anytime in the near 

   That's the bad news. The good news is that even though you can 
   no longer subscribe to Roadmap, I have set up a way that you can
   get all of the Roadmap workshop lessons sent to you! I have placed 
   every single one of the Roadmap workshop's 27 lessons on a computer 
   at the University of Alabama, and you can retrieve the lessons 
   using a few, simple e-mail commands (am I a great guy or what?).

   To find out how to retrieve the Roadmap workshop lessons, and
   to find out a little more about the Roadmap workshop itself, all 
   you have to do is send an e-mail letter to


   (that's "you-ay-won-vee-em") with the command

                    GET MAP PACKAGE F=MAIL

   in the *BODY* of your e-mail letter.

   NOTE: Simply replying to the letter that you are reading right now 
   with a GET MAP PACKAGE F=MAIL command will *NOT* work. You must 
   send a *NEW* letter to


   with the command

                    GET MAP PACKAGE F=MAIL

   in the body of your letter for your command to work.

   After you send your letter off, a computer at the University of 
   Alabama will process your letter, and will -- usually within
   24 hours -- e-mail you two letters: one telling you a little 
   more about the Roadmap workshop, and another telling you how 
   you can retrieve the workshop lessons with a few, simple e-mail 

   Cool, huh?

   You can also find the Roadmap workshop archives on the University
   of Alabama's CMS Gopher server (UA1VM.UA.EDU) in the "Network Resources, 
   Services and Information" menu, or on my World Wide Web homepage
   at http://ua1vm.ua.edu/~crispen/crispen.html

   I do have one small request, though: please do NOT write to 
   or ROADMAP-REQUEST@UA1VM.UA.EDU asking them to add you to Roadmap. 
   The workshop's subscription lists really ARE closed <<smile>>.
   The only way to get the lessons is with the GET MAP PACKAGE F=MAIL 

   Thank you again for your interest in the Roadmap workshop, and I hope 
   that you will enjoy the lessons.

   LIST OWNER: PCRISPE1@UA1VM.UA.EDU <Patrick Douglas Crispen>

   (\__/)  .~    ~. ))
   /O O  ./      .'               PATRICK DOUGLAS CRISPEN
  {O__,   \    {                   PCRISPE1@UA1VM.UA.EDU
    / .  . )    \                THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 
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