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Re: Placement of Segnosaurs within the Dinosauria

>After reading Thomas R. Holtz's article "The Phylogenetic Position of the
>Tyrannosauridae: inplications for theropod systematics", I got to
>wondering...is there enough material known or associated with Segnosaurs
>to place it within the Theropod cladogram? If so, where? I think there
>was a metatarsus found and an article written about Erlicosaurus recently.

At the time I wrote that paper (~92), segnosaurs were still largely
regarded as being outside of Theropoda.  With the discovery of Alxasaurus,
the position of therizinosauroids (=segnosaurs) is securely withing
Coelurosauria, and probably Maniraptora.  Work is in progess by various
paleontologists (including myself) to find out, among other things, where
exactly the therizinosauroids lie.

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