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* Help *

Dear friends,

this is my first inquiry to dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu (thanks to
Mickey Rowe for it!), so it would be appropriate to introduce myself:

My name is Martin Kundrat. I am working as Research Assistant at -
     Department of Anthropology and Zoology
      Faculty of Sciences
       P.J.Safarik University Kosice
        Moyzesova 11    KOSICE
         Slovak Republic

E-mail: mkundrat@kosice.upjs.sk
Fax   : xx42-95-6222124

I am very interested in dino-anatomical questions, but unfortunately there
has been found no dinosaur-bone material in our country, only three traces
of the ichnospecies of Coelurosaurichnus tatricus. Therefore I have chosen a
close topic to dinosaur one - the embryological study of the structure and
the development of reptilian and avian chondrocranium. However, I would like
to contact with the dino-experts or -postgraduates or -undergraduates.

With respect to information above mentioned, there is my appeal to you
in the following requests:
1. What are the possibilities to take part in the dino-excavations ?
2. What are the chances to borrow the books about Vertebrate Paleontology,
   Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Dinosaur Anatomy,..., for my becoming
   familiar  with them?
3. Is anybody working on the same stuff as it is above noted?

My deep thanks to everyone who will send me the message on the subject