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Request for arcane information

This is being cross-posted to several lists. Please excuse duplication.

I am preparing a presentation on polymeric materials used in the 
conservation of natural history museum specimens. Given the limitations 
of time and audience patience, I have further narrowed the topic to 
those materials which have historically been used in the preparation of 
fossil specimens, casts and exhibit mounts, and why they were used, and 
with what results.

I'm not asking anyone to do my homework for me, but I am interested in 
collecting information on great and not-so-great adhesives, consolidants, 
coatings, gapfillers, molding and casting compounds, and other materials 
which have been used. I'm also interested in pinpointing the emergence of 
rigid and flexible mold-making, the use of expanding foams as casting 
agents, and the great failures of the past. The history of materials and 
techniques in this field is scant, but what there is is very interesting 
and has shaped both the way things are done today and some public 
perceptions about fossils and life in the past.

If you are aware of pre-1960 published references to fossil exhibit or 
preparation technology in any journal or discipline, or if you just have 
accounts that you would like to share, please let me know. Thank you 
for your time and consideration.

Sally Shelton
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