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Re: school libraries

"  If your library is crap, _fix_it_.  "

A lot of us out here are busting our butts to do just that--but it takes
school bonds,  school boards that aren't so terrified by Christian (or other)
fundamentalists that they won't stock any book that even hints at evolution
(a big problem when it comes to dinosaurs),  school librarians who aren't so
afraid of losing their jobs that they're willing to stock books addressing
current controversies (from all points of view),  and school buildings that
actually have space to dedicate to a library after housing all the kids.
Much of this sort of thing takes time.
Meanwhile,  there are hundreds of thousands of children in schools with
little or no library service,  and while the Internet may not be any
substitute for a good library--for which reason I personally maintain a
larger reference collection on animal topics than any public or school
library for 50 miles in any direction--it's still all a lot of the kids have.
 --Merritt Clifton,  editor,  ANIMAL PEOPLE.
(Incidentally,  though we're very much a hand-to-mouth organization,  we
donate FREE subscriptions to any & all libraries,  school or public,  upon
request on letterhead.  And we'll send a free sample first.  Write to us at
POB 205,  Shushan,  NY  12873.)