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Re: Did Dinosaurs BECOME Oil?

> While talking to my sister about dinosaurs, she commented that they "all
> turned to oil." A gently suggested that nothing I'd read would justify the
> theory that crude oil deposits come from dinosaurs.

Well, the simple answer is... "They couldn't _all_ have turned too 
oil, _some_ of them hung around to ge fossilised after all".
> Would anyone like to comment on the vague assumptions on an armchair
> paleontologist that:
> * There is little or no connection between dinosaurs and the formation of
> oil.

Little connection.  Crude oil can be comprised of the breakdown products
of just about any organic material, but generally small marine 
creatures.  There's no reason to discoutn a few dinosaurs being 
washed out into the delta and becoming part of the oil.
> * The dinosaur->oil connection is a widely-held misconception, especially
> among baby boomers.

I wouldn't say it's a widely held misconception.  This is, after all,
only the second time I've ever heard it mentioned in 20 years.
> * Petroleum's sources are generally/always/often from earlier geologic times.

No.  Oil formation is not restricted to earlier times.  In fact there 
is almsot certainly new oil being formed somewhere on the planet.  The 
Middle Eastern oil is, I believe, contemperaneous with the dinosaurs.
> * There's little or nothing we can do to dispell this fanciful notion. It
> will have to fade away on its own. We should ignore/dispute dino-to-oil
> comments disseminated by mass media.

> Ok, let's hear the arguments!
> Willard Harrison