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Re: colour

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> > If mammals lost the original enzymes to make bright skin colors,
> > at least some have re-evolved such enzymes. I'm thinking particularly
> > of primates, and the bright red (and blue? correct me if I'm wrong,
> > I'm typing from memory) sexual displays some of them use. And the
> > bright orange ("red") hair of some humans probably needs to be considered.
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> > Vicki Rosenzweig
> > 
 Primates are rather more the exception than the rule. Being primates ourselves,
 we tend to have a rather skewed view of what it means to be a mammal. Most
 mammals are nose beasts rather than being primarily visually oriented. Perhaps
 that is the result of a bottleneck of virtually complete nocturnalism. In our
 ancestry and most of our cousins, scent, then hearing and perhaps even touch 
 take precedence over sight. It is not surprising that mammals are not so