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New refs (and a correction)

Just received my copy of the March issue of the Journal of Vertebrate
Paleontology (which actually came out in March!!).  A few dinosaur papers
in here:

Chinsamy, A.  1995.  Ontogenetic changes in the bone histology of the Late
Jurassic ornithopod Dryosaurus lettowvorbecki.  JVP 15: 96-104.
        More great work from the "Queen of Dinosaurian Histology" ;-).
Dryosaurus is seen to differ from other dinosaurian growth patterns in that
there aren't any distinct lines of arrested growth (LAG).  This suggests
that Dryosaurus grew continuously uninteruppted throughout life (as opposed
to most dinosaurs, which had periodic (annual?) starts and stops in
growth).  However, unlike mammals and birds, there is no evidence of a
determinate growth pattern (i.e., a specific size at which growth stops).

Gangloff, R.A.  1995.  Edmontonia sp., the first record of an ankylosaur
from Alaska.  JVP 15: 201-204.
        A partial skull of the nodosaurid Edmontia is described, which came
from Matanuska Formation, late Campanian to early Maastrichtian.  Hardly a
surpsing genus to find (Edmontonia is fairly typical of
Campano-Maastrichtian faunas in western North America), but exciting in
that it is the first good armored dinosaur found in Alaska so far.  Watch
the journals for further reports of Alaskan Mesozoic reptiles - there is
further news coming.

Holtz, T.R., Jr.  1995.  Book review: Dinosaurs: The Textbook by Spencer G.
Lucas.  JVP 15: 210-212.
        I'm not going to review my own review here, but to correct
something (that was clearly marked for deletion in the proofs!!  Grrrrr....
).  The bird illustrated on p. 239, Box 16.1 IS Cathayornis, not Sinornis.
I hadn't heard of Cathayornis when I wrote the review (it didn't get the
international PR that the sympatric Sinornis did), but I had heard of it
well before the proofs came back.  I guess it just goes to show
(ironically, given the content of the review), that even the best fact
checking doesn't always prevent errors from coming through...  ;-)

Later, everyone,

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