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skin colour

A couple of interesting examples of coloration from the fossil record.  
Neither Mesozoic, nor dinosaurian, but perhaps a hint that dino 
collectors and preparators might look a bit more closely...?

Schindewolf, O.H.  1993.  Basic Questions in Paleontology (transl. J. 
Schaefer, ed. W.-E. Reif).  Univ. Chicago Press.  Plate 14B shows variety 
of pigment cells in Eocene frog skin, indicative of green coloration in life.

Grande, L.  1984.  Bull. geol. Surv. Wyoming, 63: 1-333.  Many nice 
illustrations, mainly fishes, but including crocodilian with 
colour pattern preserved.  

If crocs and frogs, then why not dinosaurs?

Tony Thulborn