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(fwd) Gastroliths - contact needed

Can anybody here give this person a contact? :

  From: shireen@stsci.edu (Shireen Gonzaga)
  Newsgroups: sci.bio.paleontology
  Subject: Gastroliths - contact needed
  Date: 17 Mar 1995 15:04:36 GMT
  Organization: Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD 21218
  Message-ID: <3kc8e4$o7e@marvel.stsci.edu>
  Keywords: dinosaurs, gastroliths


  a friend of mine is a writer and producer for a nationally-
  syndicated science radio show. She needs to talk to a dinosaur
  paleontologist who studies gastroliths.

  If you know of such a person, could you please reply directly to me
  by email, sending his or her name and institution (and work
  telephone number if you have it handy).

  Thanks a bunch!

  -- Shireen

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Mickey Rowe     (rowe@pender.ee.upenn.edu)