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I'm after some opinions regarding a paper by Bocherens et al. (1994).  It
states that via the use of biogeochemical techniques on fossil plants and
collagen from a hadrosaur, the presence of C4 (or CAM) plants is hard to
dismiss.  If they were present then why do they not fossilise until Ma's
down the track?

Also, can anyone give me any references on the Proctor Lake Dinosaur Site,
Texas; apart from Winkler & Murry (1989).


Bocherens, H., Friis, E.M., Mariotti, A., & Pederson, K.R. (1994b).  Carbon
Isotope Abundances in Mesozoic and Cenozoic Fossil Plants: Palaeoecological
Implications.  Lethaia  26:347-58.

Winkler, D.A., & Murry, P.A. (1989).  Paleoecology and Hypsilophodontid
Behavior at the Proctor Lake Dinosaur Locality (Early Cretaceous), Texas. 
In Farlow, J.O. (Ed.) Paleobiology of the Dinosaurs (pp. 55-61). 
Geological Society of America, Special Paper 238.


Darren R. Grocke
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Monash University
Clayton   Victoria      3168