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IAP Course Announcement (fwd)

This is the official (and expanded) second announcement for our summer 
course. Please let me know if you need more information. This can be 
cross-posted if desired to other lists or servers. This is the first time 
this course has been offered outside the UK and we are happy to offer it 
to the geological and conservation communities. Thank you. 
Sally Shelton


        presented by the San Diego Natural History Museum
   in conjunction with International Academic Projects, London
                        June 13-17, 1995

This is an intensive 5-day, professional short course for anyone 
concerned with the care of geological-origin materials in geology and 
archaeology collections, art and architecture. Practical techniques, 
tools, and materials are emphasized.

                        COURSE TOPICS

*Nature, identification, and characteristic degradation of mineral and 
        stone types.
*Environmental monitoring and identification of sensitive materials.
*Cleaning, adhesion and consolidation.
*Storage concerns and creating micro-environments for reactive materials.
*Special concerns of fossils and fossil-bearing materials.
*Special concerns of stone artifact collections.
*Management and conservation of significant geological sites.
*Health and safety concerns (arsenic, asbestos, lead, mercury, radon, 
        etc.): testing and protection.
*Weathering, salt migration, and efflorescence.
*Geological elements in architecture.
*Product information and materials testing.

The course will emphasise practical information and techniques, with at 
least one field trip. 


Chris Collins, Conservator, Geological Conservation Unit, Sedgwick Museum, 
Cambridge, UK. Mr Collins has conducted the only post-graduate diploma 
course in geological conservation (Cambridge, 1993).

Sally Shelton, Director of Collections Care and Conservation, San Diego 
Natural History Museum, San Diego, California, USA. Ms. Shelton has 
completed the Cambridge course and has led several IAP courses.

International Academic Projects is committed to providing high-level 
professional short courses to the museum and conservation communities. 
These courses are open to anyone with an interest in the field. For a 
complete catalogue please contact:
        James Black
        International Academic Projects
        31-34 Gordon Square
        London WC11 0PY     UNITED KINGDOM
        phone (171) 387-9651
        FAX   (171) 388-0283


The course will be held at the San Diego Natural History Museum, located 
in Balboa Park, easily accessible from the airport, major freeways, train 
station and bus lines. Maps, additional information and readings will be 
provided in the course mailout, to be sent in early May.

Fee information is available upon request. The course limit is 
20 participants. The registration fee does not include transportation, 
lodging, or meals. Certification will be provided upon successful 
course completion. Please call if you have special needs.

The Balboa Park Inn, a bed and breakfast hotel, is located within easy 
walking distance of the museum and offers a 10% discount to museum 
guests. Other lodging and dining suggestions will be sent on request to 
registrants. Some social activities will be arranged for course participants.

The San Diego Natural History Museum is part of the Balboa Park museum 
community. It was established by the San Diego Society of Natural 
History, which was founded in 1874. The museum works to interpret the 
natural world through research, education, and exhibits; to promote 
understanding of the evolution and diversity of Southern California and 
Baja California; and to inspire in all people respect for the environment.
The museum houses over 7 million specimens, a reference library and 
archives, and two floors of exhibit galleries. The museum is accredited 
by the American Association of Museums.

International Academic Projects sponsors ongoing professional education 
to museum and conservation professionals around the world. Intensive IAP 
short courses provide professional training and updates in materials, 
methods and information.

To register: contact Sally Shelton at the following address.
|                                                                       |
|                 San Diego Natural History Museum                      |
|                          P. O. Box 1390                               |
|                San Diego, California   92112  USA                     |
|             phone (619) 232-3821; FAX (619) 232-0248                  |
|                     email LIBSDNHM@CLASS.ORG                          |
|                                                                       |