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Sexual Selection

>I am interested in hearing ANYONES idea about the color of dinosaurs
>skin.  I'm terribly interested in the sexual selection of dinosaurs
>but its difficult to research.  I've asked for information about this
>before and those that gave me responces, I thank you!  I am not
>an expert but it seems that since most animals have some sort of
>sexual selection, that dinosaurs should have too. Please- I'm looking
>for a discussion type of response, I am not looking for people to
>write my papers. I am a student that does not believe in that.

I'm sure that other people probably suggested this, but if not:

If you are interested in potential sexual selection in dinosaurs, you
really have to start with three different groups: lambeosaurian hadrosaurs,
ceratopsians, and pachycephalosaurs (okay, ceratopsians and
pachycephalosaurs together are the Marginocephalia, so it's only really two
groups...).  Crests, horns, and domes will probably be your best evidence
for some sort of sexual selection, since colors, wattles, etc. do not

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