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Colored skin

I am interested in hearing ANYONES idea about the color of dinosaurs
skin.  I'm terribly interested in the sexual selection of dinosaurs
but its difficult to research.  I've asked for information about this
before and those that gave me responces, I thank you!  I am not
an expert but it seems that since most animals have some sort of
sexual selection, that dinosaurs should have too. Please- I'm looking
for a discussion type of response, I am not looking for people to
write my papers. I am a student that does not believe in that.
Dinosaurs are mainly compared to birds and reptiles and both
can have eleberate colored skin (feathers). Why wouldn't dinosaurs
have some sort of "design" to them. I don't think their skin was
brightly colored in hues if blue, purple or red, but rather maybe
had some sort of symmetrical "design", like snakes. Maybe not all
of the dinosaurs had skin like this, but something that stood out
and made the males/females look more attractive. This is only my
opinion based on what I've learned on sexual selection. Anyone got
anything else?
                           Shannon-Salisbury State university