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Re: kids' homework

At the risk of prolonging this discussion a wee bit longer, I had a few
comments on students contacting the list. I don't usually respond to these
questions because usually Tom or Stan or somebody already has, or will if I let 
it ride a while. But when someone asks a pointed, thoughtful question, I feel
it deserves an answer. The "Tell me everything you know about ....." type
question, however, does not provoke my interest in participating. It seems to 
me that most of those on the list take the tone of the question into account.
Anyway, I have a suggestion. Participants in the list are pretty widespread.
Couldn't those who are interested in participating in education at this level
be available to be adopted by schools, perhaps based on geographic regions, to 
serve as an online resource. The idea of the regional association is that the 
actual spatial closeness might help some students identify more with the
dialogue and would make the possibility of an actual face-to-face meeting more
likely. Students and teachers from the school could then contact their 
resource person directly rather than going through the list. If the resource
fields a question beyond their expertise, it could always be forwarded to the
list. I think this kind of personal relationship between the "experts" and
students could go a long way toward improving education and could help 
outreach for VP. It might also allow the expert to get a better sense of
whether she/he is providing a valuable service or just doing somebody's
homework. Perhaps the list could serve as a place for making these
connections. What do you think?

George F. Engelmann
University of Nebraska at Omaha