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Re: Doing Kids Homework

Re: Stan's out of date books and others

I don't want my remarks to be interpreted as we _shouldn't_
help kids on this list - only that we must try to anticipate
problems of abuse and volume and at least think about ways to
keep them within reasonable bounds.

In particular, I think that books need to be the primary
source, but that it's more than okay for kids to bring their
question about those books here.  If questions refer to those
sources, or if they quote paragraphs from the assignment and
ask for feedback, then clearly they have already done some
work, and deserve some help.  If the assignment is simply to
get information from someone on the Internet, then a simple
statement to that effect from the teacher would not be unrea-
sonable.  I _like_ helping people with such questions, I type
fast and try to stay current with dinosaurs and other things.
But I'd hate to knock out some kids report for him in the
process of waxing eloquent on a favorite topic.  It's not
fair to the kind who learns how to get us to do his homework
for him, or to the kids who don't learn that.  My last take
on this thread, thanks.

Larry Smith