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Re: Yo!

 From: steinas@rhi.hi.is (Steinar Logi Sigurdsson)
 > I was just chillin' and then a thought hit me...why didn't I just mail
 > those dudes and dudettes at the dinothingie list and ask 'em what they
 > thought was the reason for the very large nasalthingie on Brachiosaurus
 > (I think it's on Camarasaurus too, but I'm not sure).

I would say we really do not know.

It has been suggested that B. had a short trunk like a tapir,
and the nasal enlargement was to provide attachment points
for the muscles and ligaments.  (the nasal openings of animals
with trunks, such as elephants, are often high on the face)

 > Was it like those
 > things that stick out on giraffes (not the ears, the other things) or what?

No, as the nasal openings are in the bump.
The bumps on giraffes are small horns, similar to the larger
horns on antelope.

 > Could those Brachiodudes be submerged in water to their nasalthingies?

No.  The would not be able to breathe when that deep, due to the
*immense* water pressure.

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