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Re: Bakker and popularizing science

>From: Ray McAllister <mcallist@gate.net>
 >I find warm blooded, 
 >sexual and colorful dinos not all bad altho there is little evidence for 
 >the latter. Go Bakker!

Hmm, don't you mean "former"?  It is the warm-blooded issue for
which the evidence is equivocal.  In fact there is good reason
to conclude that dinosaurs had a physiology that doesn't fit
well in the modern classification (neither warm-blooded nor cold).

For color, the widespread occurance of display structures:
hadrosaur crests, ceratopsian frills (shields), theropod
ridges and crests, and so on indicate a very visual type of
animal.  Then you add the fact that their descendents, the
birds, are very colorful, and the sum total is fairly convincing.
[Note, except for Triceratops, the neck frill bones of ceratopsians
have big holes in them, making then useless as shields, which
leaves only display].

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