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circannual and mailing list rhythms

Tom Holtz asks:

> And I think it safe to say that dinosaurs were influenced by
> circadian and circannual rhythms - can anyone think of a vertebrate
> that isn't?

I can't think of any that aren't effected by circadian cycles, but
there are some oddballs that seem to be fairly unaffected by
circannual cycles.  Humans and mountain lions (_Felis concolor_)
appear to have offspring with equal frequency at all times of the
year.  Domestic dogs and cats may be similar, but (and you might argue
this for humans too) that might be because their now "normal"
environment doesn't have all the temperature cues as that experienced
by their ancestors.

As for the list...  While I agree that the state of school library
systems is a fascinating and potentially troubling topic for
discourse, we're getting pretty far afield there.  If anyone wants to
continue that thread, I can set up another mailing list specifically
for that purpose.  Let's try not to continue it here!

Related to that -- please be careful about political landmines.  For
those of you on paleonet, I agree that, for example, Newt Gingrich's
ideas about funding priorities can be an extremely relevant topic for
paleontologists all over the world.  As such, they can be a legitimate
topic to pursue INSOFAR as they purtain to our ability to learn more
and spread information about dinosaurs.  Let's try not to get too far
out of hand by lobbing hand grenades such as the "Contract ON

Thanks for your cooperation.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)