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Re: Two Brains???

I hope this isn't too late, I have been out of town.

 > Two of my third graders have a question for someone to answer...
 > Dear paleontologist,
 >      Bryan and I looked in my book.  It said that it seemed that the 
 > Brachiosaurus had two brains: one in hes head to help move his head and front
 > legs,and the other in his tail to move his heavy read end.  Is this true?

Not exactly.  It is an attempt to simplify the truth to a third-grade
level.  The truth is that many dinosaurs, including Brachiosaurus,
have what is called a "sacral ganglion" in the hip region.  This
is an enlargement of the spinal cord there to provide extra local
coordination of the massive hind parts.  It does not "control"
the hind parts any more than any other part of the spinal cord
"controls" its part of the body, rather it acts more as a local
supervisor executing the decisions made in the brain.

There is really only one brain, and in some sense it "controls"
the entire body - by sending orders to the spinal cord to be carried

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