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Re: Duckbills

>From: FEUKAC@PLU.edu
 > I am very confused on the difference between the names Duckbill and 
 > Hadrosaur the names are the pertain to the same animals yet we have more 
 > than one word for it??

One is a more or less formal name, the other is a very informal one.
Such doublets are fairly common.

Actually, the main problem witht he term "duvkbilled" is that it
is an inaccurate description - the snouts of the hadrosaurs are
not really particularly similar to a duck's bill.  The closest
is probably Anatotitan, and even there, the numerous teeth make
it quite different in reality.

 > Shouldn't we be teaching the public the correct 
 > name or names of dinos. I was talking to a friend once about hadrosaurs 
 > and I had to say duckbilled dinosaur before he knew what I was talking 
 > about... Why on 
 > Paleoworld do they also refer to hadrosaurs as aka duckbilled dino.? What 
 > can we do inform the public without putting them down? 

Well, in fact the "hadrosaurs (aka duckbilled dinosaurs)" presentation
does exactly that. The abbreviation "aka" means roughly "alias",
and thus this formula informs the reader that "hadrosaur" is the
more precise name.

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