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Re: Dinosaurs Hibernate?

>Hello again,
>Is it possible that the dinosaurs could have ever hibernated or gone
>through periods of estivation or a deep sleep.  Also, could they have
>ever been influenced by circadian or circannual rhythms.
>Thank you,
>Trina Graham

Yes, yes, and yes.

Oh, you wanted some justification... ;-)

Hibernation - many groups of vertebrates hibernate, so it would not be
unlikely that some dinosaurs did hibernate.  Hibernation has been suggested
for the Polar Australian hypsilophodontids (which look to be too small to
have migrated, but were within the Aptian-Albian Arctic Circle, and
aestivation has been suggested for the South African heterodontosaurids.

And I think it safe to say that dinosaurs were influenced by circadian and
circannual rhythms - can anyone think of a vertebrate that isn't?

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