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Re: Avimimus

>Anything new on that "problematic theropod", Avimimus portentosus Kurzanov?
>Any new material found since _The Dinosauria_ was published?
>How much referred material is there?

Currie & Eberth (in a paper a few years back) reported "avimimid" material
from Erenhot.  This material is not yet described or illustrated, but
Currie assures me that it is comparable to Avimimus portentosus.

>Kurzanov (1987) has an illustration of the Avimimus forelimb, with a SMALL
>part of the carpo-metacarpus shown.  The carpo-metacarpus fragments are
>fused together on their proximal ends, similar to Aves.  Kurzanov then made
>a reconstruction, with Avimimus having a bird-like hand.  Obviously, this is
>pure speculation, given the fragmentary manus material.  Does A. portentosus
>really have a fused carpo-metacarpus?

It does has a fused carpometacarpus.

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