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Re: homework questions

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Subject:        homework questions

One thing that I don't think has been thought about is that the
computer/internet resources of these kids and teachers my be entirely
limited to e-mail.  In that event refering them to the web or even
newsgroups is useless to them.  They would also be the most probable people
that have lousy libraries like we have i9n the area of the world that I
live. So maybe there are some questioners that have only "us" as a useful

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My message:-

I think that it is important that school children have the opportunity 
of using the internet to communicate with scientists.  If their 
questions appear trivial, or can be easily answered by looking in a 
book, is irrelevant.  I feel that the important issue here is 
communication and interaction with the world.  I would encourage 
students to make use of the internet as an aid to any project.  I 
think that in many cases the teacher is offering the students the 
opportunity to use this medium as an additional source to work with 
along with library facilities (if availible), not as an alternative.  

Sorry I tagged this onto your message Paul.  I could have tagged it 
onto anyones, but I agree with what you stated.


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