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Re: Student homework

I hate to repeat the oft repeated, but even in suburban Seattle current
titles in residential libraries are hard to find.  The county library system
has many smaller satelite libraries and one giant library in downtown
Bellevue (the large suburban city).   The satelite libraries are usually
mostly fiction with smaller non-fiction sections.  They are also, the most
easily accessable libraries to people in residential areas; especially grade
school kids not allowed to go downtown.  The point I am making is that even
if grade school kids have good library resources "near" them, their parents
tend not to have the time nor inclination to bring them to the Big Regional
Library with two floors of non-fiction and reference material.  They have to
cope with the smaller database of the closer libraries.  Even with book
requests, it could take too long.  This is the primary reason why I think
that we shouldn't be *too* hard on kids who ask this forum questions.

Peter Buchholz