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Fwd: Re: Yo! Brachiodudes!

Derek Terne wrote:

Actually this sounds like an excellent idea.  I find the reconstructions
of Brachiosaurs with a gaping hole half way back along the skull look
somewhat ungainly.  

However if there was a large inflatable resonating chambers with the 
actual opening near the front of the skull it would still be able to 
conform to this ubiquitous plan,

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Derek, you are right, Brach. skulls do look wierd with that large nasal 
opening.  Last year we reconstructed a Brach. skull using casts made 
from bones from the Smithsonian.  When finished, the nasal opening had a 
rather graceful curve to it - up from the frontals, then down to meet 
the premax.  I also had wondered what it could be used for.  The idea of 
a trunk was no good because the bones that surround the opening are very 
thin -unlikely to stand up to the stress of large muscle attatchments.
The idea that Tom Holtz suggested is the best one I have heard so far. 
An inflatable chamber, whether used for resonating ,and-or, display 
seems to make the most sense at this point. But would it look as smart 
as a trunk - to another brachiosaur,that is?

                              Viriginia Tidwell