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Re: student homework

I agree with Mickey,
We have beaten this issue to the point where it should be buried.
But, here are some facts that we must face before we end this:
1) Kids will ask questions.
2) We have no way to know their reason(s) for asking the question.
3) We don't want to discourage curious minds.
4) dinosaur@lepomis was formed to discuss dinosaurs.

  I don't think we should second-guess a questioner's motives.  There
are enough exclusive clubs in the world, without creating a new gauntlet for
kids to run through to have a question answered.
  Who cares whether we are doing some lazy kid's homework?  _WE_ shouldn't 
care.  I mean it...I'm not joking. The people who SHOULD care are the child's 
parents and the teacher.
  If the kid was supposed to get his/her dinosaur information out of a book,
instead of off the Internet, then let's hope that the teacher gives the kid
an "F".  But WE are not the ultimate graders.  Let the teachers do 
their job: that of determining what is an appropriate "source" for a
child's dinosaur information.  That determination will ultimately be
reflected in the grade the child gets on the report.
  On the other hand, _Our_ purpose in the universe is to talk dinosaurs.  :-)