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Re: Homework Questions

For some time now, i answer questions (if i can) that comes to the list (of 
Answering that questions doesn't take much time for me because the most 
information comes out of my dbase.  I really enjoy to do this. Not only 
because i can help other people but also because through their questions i 
am able to check my dbase. Also i learn a lot of these questions in the same 
way of being member of this list.  So i for sure would like to continue to 
do so. However, if the majority of subcribers to this list don't agree with 
this than i have to bow my head. Library's here do not have much to date 
information on paleontology and in bookshops i often see books from 10 years 
or older. Another point is that i can't see the difference between looking 
in library's for information or an atempt to get the same information 
through Internet. Its like Dylan said :"The times they are changing ".  For 
example; in a few  newspapers here a new named species was mentioned 
Genusaurus sisteronis a ceratosaur from the middle Albian found in France 
named by Phillipe Taquet from the Museum of Natural History at Paris. No 
more information was given. In search for an adres i found one of someone 
working at the museum, and ask him how i could get more information about 
this species. In return i received a letter from P.Taquet in which he made 
the promise  to send me over the information and he did. If i should have to 
wait until this species would be named in a book it probably takes me a few 

With regards.

Fred Bervoets