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Re: Yo! Brachiodudes!

Stuff about trunkodudes.

> >Modern mammals with extended
> >snouts, like elephants, tapirs, elephant seals, have high nasal openings
> >in the skull, just as Brachiosaurus has.  

> It was considered (in the '70s and early '80s), but it may not work that
> well.  Sauropsids (aka reptiles) in general are not characterized by
> well-developed and mobile face muscles - the structures which mammals have
> aplenty, and which form the trunks of tapirs, elephants, and some extinct
> forms.  Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be that much in the way of
> attachment sites for these.

That's a great shame... I thought a trunk would look rather fetching
on a Brachiosaur.
> I think an inflatible sound-generator may be a good idea, especially for
> Brachiosaurus (among other things, the protrusion of the nasal area forms a
> nice surface for a honker that isn't found in Diplodocus, Camarasaurus,
> etc.).

Actually this sounds like an excellent idea.  I find the reconstructions
of Brachiosaurs with a gaping hole half way back along the skull look
somewhat ungainly.  Also, an animal which would be relying to a 
certain extent on smell to locate the freshest and least poisonous 
leaves would be pretty poorly servered by smell organs so far 
back on the skull.  If is no coincidence that almost every animal has
it's nostrils located at the front of it's face just above the mouth
regardless of where it's nasal opening is located (the main exception 
being the aquatic mammals for whom an opening on the top of the skull 
is a major benefit).

However if there was a large inflatable resonating chambers with the 
actual opening near the front of the skull it would still be able to 
conform to this ubiquitous plan. 

--- Derek

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