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Re: How many calories

This is from Greg Paul's Predatory Dinosaurs of the World.  I hope it helps

<<Assuming that dinosaurs were avian-mammalian-level endothermic homeotherms
as argued in Chapter 7 [you'll have to get the book to read that], and having
a calculator capable of handling exponents on hand, we can calculate various
aspects of their energetics.  Most important is the metabolic rate, or
calories burned over time.  Standard metabolic rate is the energy consumption
when resting.  But we are more interested in the animals when they are
active, and the metabolic rates are usually about twice as high.  The
equation for calculating active metabolic rates for endotherms is:

         M  =  140(W) ^ 0.75

Where M is kcal burned per day, and W is mass in kilograms.  One thing you
should be aware of is that the "calorie" that you guide your diet by is
really a kilocalorie; the food industry thought it sounded better to drop the
thousand prefix........  So we can calculate that an 8 [metric] tonne _Tyranno
saurus rex_ burns 120,000 kcal/day...>>

Later on he writes:

<<The equation for calculating food consumption for endothermic predators is:

        F = 0.11(W) ^ 0.75

where F is kilograms of wet meat needed each day........Now let's get down to
real business.  On average, an 8 [metric] tonne _Tyrannosaurus rex_ must bolt
down some 93 kilograms of meat per day, or som 2000 tonnes in a sixty year
life, equal to the weight of a World War II destroyer!>>

Hope these help.  You know, you could use these to figure out how many
Calories (kilocalories) you NEED to eat in a day.

Peter Buchholz